Aussie Roast Jesmond Central
Aussie Roast
Phone: 02 4950 2511

Aussie Roast is a carvery at Jesmond Central that provides delicious fresh roast lunches and dinners. Aussie Roast's main menu items are roast beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Aussie Roast can serve you up a delicious roast lunch or dinner that will include succulent servings of oven roasted meat and freshly prepared vegetables, served with Aussie Roast's own unique gravy recipe. An affordable, healthy good old-fashioned roast dinner without having to cook it yourself! We also have chips, hot roast rolls and sandwiches, as well as desserts and drinks. Aussie Roast is the perfect option for a healthy lunch for one or ready-to-eat dinner for busy families.

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