Fast food & casual dining

Quick bites, gourmet delights and that much needed coffee hit

From delectable dumplings, tasty tacos, fresh fusion and classic cafe fare, Jesmond Central has your fast food and casual dining needs covered.

Sit down and enjoy a relaxing meal in our alfresco dining area, Eat Street, with a variety of cuisines including Taco Bell, XS Espresso, Harry's Schnitzel, Crust Pizza and more.

Explore Eat Street today, open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

Crust Pizza Jesmond Central
Crust Pizza
Phone: 02 4950 1144
Shop: 62A

Crust Pizza at Jesmond Central makes everyday moments more delightful. When this happens, we call it A Crust Above Moment.

A Crust Above Moment is opening the box and seeing the pizza for the first time. Or taking that very first bite. It’s relaxing on the couch at the end of the week with pizza, a bottle of wine and your main squeeze. In fact adding Crust to any friendly get-together makes the whole occasion a Crust Above Moment.

Crust Pizza makes any moment A Crust Above the ordinary.

Harry's Schnitzel Joint Jesmond Central
Harry's Schnitzel Joint
Phone: 02 4955 9293
Shop: 64

Harry takes his schnitzeling mighty serious. From the way he prepares the chicken to the way he presses it in the flour, from selecting the best cotton-seed oil to bringing it to the perfect cooking temperature. The result is a schnitzel so light, so golden, so flavoursome that you’ll look at it in a way that invites strangers to walk up to you and say, “get a room”.

Dumpling Kitchen Jesmond Central
Dumpling Kitchen
Phone: 02 4951 4635
Shop: 12

Enjoy traditional Chinese meals and their specialty dumplings.

Available for dine in and takeaway 7 days a week. Located in Eat Street.

My BBQ Jesmond Central
Phone: 02 4951 4635
Shop: 13

Enjoy traditional Chinese meals and their speciality barbeque pork and peking duck.

Dine in and take away available 7 days a week. Located in Eat Street.

Oceanic Chinese Jesmond Central
Oceanic Chinese
Phone: 02 4951 3424
Shop: 11

Serving traditional Chinese cuisine with the convenience of takeaway or eat in. All meals at very affordable prices.

Savour Japan Jesmond Central
Savour Japan
Phone: 02 4955 0912
Shop: 66

Savour Japan has a delicious range of sushi, soups and traditional Japanese meals.

Stop by for a Sushi roll (or three).

Subway Jesmond Central
Shop: 65D

SUBWAY is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain. We've become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy. 

Schilly Thai Fusion Jesmond Central
Schilly Thai Fusion
Phone: 02 4950 0614
Shop: 75

A unique fusion of Thai flavours combined with modern Asian & Western street food.

Available for dine in or takeaway, 7 days a week. Located in Eat Street.

Taco Bell Jesmond Central
Taco Bell
Phone: 02 4950 1035
Shop: 60

Taco Bell is food you can hold in your hands, and in your heart. The menu consists of a variety of familiar and tasty ingredients cooked fresh with a mix of real cheeses, crisp shredded lettuce, diced ripe tomatoes as well as signature sauces, sides and signature desserts and beverages that will make sure you have an unforgettable taste experience.

Tandoor Indian Kitchen Jesmond Central
Tandoor Indian Kitchen
Phone: 02 4044 2255
Shop: 65C

Welcome to Tandoor Indian Kitchen, an authentic Indian restaurant which is one of the Best Indian Restaurant in Newcastle Region located in Eat Street, Jesmond Central.

XS Espresso Jesmond Central
XS Espresso
Phone: 02 4955 5574
Shop: 41

XS Espresso is a lively, semi outdoor cafe located at Jesmond Central. It’s a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy a good, satisfying meal.

XS Espresso offers a diverse selection of fusion breakfasts, lunches, dinner and desserts.

… oh & before we forget, you must try one of their MIND BLOWING & AWARD WINNING SHAKES!

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